Spider Bucket combines driving, acoustic punk with folky charms and cathartic lyrics that will bring hope to even the saddest of cowboys.

Frontman and lyricist John-Marion Gonzalez bares it all on stage with guitar, banjo, ukulele, kazoo and some signature hardcore-style vocals (as a treat). Supported by Karen Jensen on trumpet and backup vocals, Caleb Sky on alto saxophone, and Stephanie Rodriguez on bass, Spider Bucket brings a captivating, high energy show that will keep you dancing. Hop on in, there's room for everyone in the Bucket! 

Genres: folk punk, antifolk, y'allternative 

Similar Artists: AJJ, Kimya Dawson, Bright Eyes


Lame Demo (2023)

He finally caved to fan pressure. Four well-loved tracks in stripped-down solo form!

The Quarantine Sessions, Vol. 1 (2020)

The "Hot Soup for Heartbreak" single was released as part of an early quarantine collaboration featuring Wilmington NC artists. 

Shit EP (2019)

Shit EP, Spider Bucket's first official release, showcases John-Marion Gonzalez as a raw and angsty solo act. 

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John-Marion Gonzalez


lead vocals, kazoo, guitar, banjo, ukulele

Karen Jensen


trumpet, vocals

Caleb Sky


alto saxophone

Stephanie Rodriguez 


electric bass, acoustic bass

Tommy Horner


upright bass, electric bass