Punk Show (2024 Single)

Out now on YouTube!

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Have you been acting tame? Feeling lame? You need a punk show! 

Recorded and mixed in the Spider Bucket home studio, "Punk Show" is also the first full-band release from Spider Bucket. "Punk Show" embodies the feeling of frustration that comes from the doldrums of everyday life, frustration that is best taken out in the pit with all of your friends. "Punk Show" is the first single of a three-song EP that fans of Spider Bucket have long been waiting for.  

Past Releases

Lame Demo (2023)

Out now on Bandcamp!

He finally caved to fan pressure. Four well-loved tracks in stripped-down solo form!

The Quarantine Sessions, Vol. 1 (2020)

The "Hot Soup for Heartbreak" single was released as part of an early quarantine collaboration featuring Wilmington NC artists. 

"While so many of us are stuck indoors, missing work, missing shows, we decided to band together to release a compilation; something to show that we're still here, still writing, still creating, still collaborating despite the strange circumstances. The songs on this compilation range from early demos to fully finished tracks, with the distinct sounds and ideas of fourteen different acts throughout."

Shit EP (2019)

Shit EP, Spider Bucket's first official release, showcases John-Marion Gonzalez as a raw and angsty solo act.